When the artistic attributes of Chaowan and the unique value attributes of NFTs will inevitably collide with bright sparks. When everyone is still struggling to explore the NFT scene in the encrypted world, or when chasing the FOMO frenzy of “Tugou”. Some people have mapped the scene ecology of NFT to the physical world, and skillfully integrated the brand attributes and social attributes of Chaowan with NFT. AMAZING PANDAVERSE, as a trend-setter in the fashion game industry, how did it start its journey into the metaverse?


Chaowan Metaverse , keep in mind the mission and the original intention

Entering the NFT is the primary battle of AMAZING PANDAVERSE . As a pioneer, while expanding its own business layout, it is also laying a solid foundation for the industry and promoting the development of the blockchain industry in an all-round and multi-level manner. AMAZING PANDAVERSE is mainly based on cute pandas as a carrier, using art as a form of expression, Chao Panda is famous all over the world in the Chaowan and Metaverse circles. Ahead of the times and create the future, it aims to pay attention to global national culture, support the inheritance of the world’s intangible cultural heritage, transcend geographic and national boundaries, and create art IP through in-depth cultural exchanges and integration.

A good digital collection needs to contain three elements: first, design, which has attributes for people to appreciate and appreciate from an aesthetic and artistic point of view; second, empowerment, in addition to the appreciation function, gives the collection a story and additional value; third It is liquidity, which is the best evidence for the evaluation of a digital collection. AMAZING PANDAVERSE is equipped with more than 250 design elements, and finally generated 2829 NFT works. The 2.0 launched now promotes AMAZING PANDAVERSE to form a new pattern of comprehensive opening. The panda ecological token $PNDV will be issued on the Binance Smart Chain and become an indispensable part of every pandaren ‘s daily life , with various applications and functions , which better proves that AMAZING PANDAVERSE will have the “Oriental” The original intention of NFT with the charm of “language” to push the art to a higher peak .

Today, AMAZING PANDAVERSE has continued to be popular for about a month after its launch. The first generation of NFT released by it has been loved by many people in the circle and sought after by users in the trendy game industry. In order to motivate early participants, AMAZING PANDAVERSE has given them a lot of equity ecology. According to the official announcement, all AMAZING PANDAVERS first-generation NFT holders will receive a certain number of random blind box airdrop rewards from the second-generation constellation NFT panda chest. In addition, they will also have priority access to Panda Token ($PNDV) IDO initial qualification to be able to purchase PNDV at the best price .

It is particularly worth mentioning that as early as last year , AMAZING PANDAVERSE has opened up four product lines to create a full-category layout of the trendy play derivatives industry, namely the art series, the trendy play series, the blind box series and the NFT illustration. series. It is reported that in August and September 2021, the company was also invited to mint AMAZING PANDA on Binance NFT and OkexNFT and auction it. During the starting price of the dual platform, the bidding price was 1 USD. During the initial bidding period, users bid hot, and the final price was 2,300 times.


Practitioner of the Chaowan Metaverse, grasping the market rhythm and new blue chips

In the post-epidemic era, the cultural and tourism industry has been hit hard. The interaction process between digital collections and domestic IP is actually a process of integration between the real economy and the virtual economy. The empowerment of digital collections is an important way to promote reality through virtuality, and it is also the development of the digital collection industry. the only way. Many experts have put forward a starting point of view for cross-empowerment gameplay, which is another bright light for the development of the cultural tourism industry, which is a necessary task for AMAZING PANDAVERS.

AMAZING PANDAVERSE has always grasped the rhythm of the market, constantly breaking people’s expectations. Through many innovative attempts, walking with the strong and getting the help of stars , not only meets the needs of stars for the identity of “Web3 social upstart”, I believe that with the continuous expansion of AMAZING PANDAVERSE’s influence , this kind of resource exchange and cooperation boundaries will also be Zoom in infinitely . At that time , AMAZING PANDAVERSE ‘s trendy fashion metaverse will burst out with unlimited imagination and more ecological value .

achieve such impressive results , in addition to relying on the popularity of NFTs , it is more about AMAZING PANDA ‘s popularity in the industry and the consensus of the community . AMAZING PANDAVERSE is frequently linked with the current hot NFT projects. With its own advantages and operations, it has quickly accumulated tens of thousands of community users, and brought huge dividends to ordinary holders: Pandaren privileges, community peripheral benefits, well-known trendy brands linkage, etc. The community draws consensus from different groups of people, and finally forms the core spirit – openness and co-creation.

is believed that with the continuous expansion of the influence of AMAZING PANDAVERSE , the boundaries of this resource exchange and cooperation will also expand infinitely . At that time , AMAZING PANDAVERSE ‘s trendy fashion metaverse will burst out with unlimited imagination and more ecological value .

AMAZING PANDAVERSE will release digital collections as a new entry, and complete cultural renewal around four dimensions. The four dimensions are new content: content upgrade, new product: product upgrade, new traffic: communication upgrade, and new experience: scene upgrade . Combining these four points can complete the construction of cultural digital assets and cross-empower the new trend of digital play. play.


Recently, AMAZING PANDAVERSE has gained momentum again , adding twelve constellation elements to the design of the “Panda” brand , and then opening the second generation of AMAZING PANDAVERSE 12 constellation bear NFT . At the same time, in order to further tap the value potential of the second-generation NFT , AMAZING PANDAVERSE has taken into account the practicality, liquidity, rarity and other dimensions of NFT, and solved the traditional chronic problem that “NFT cannot be cast for casting”, but for the purpose of It exists to solve the actual scene needs.

In the second generation of NFT , the Bear NFT not only has high collection value and brand value , but also has diversified circulation scenarios in the ecology of AMAZING PANDAVERSE . Ecosystems such as Panda Treasure Chest, Panda DAO, Panda Roulette, and Panda Upgrade Mining make the Bear NFT more valuable and more liquid . Through the blind box design, you can get rich rewards from opening the Panda Treasure Box , becoming a member of the Panda DAO by collecting the Bears NFT to get rich rewards on the platform , and then holding the Bears NFTs and participating in the Panda upgrade mining to get several times the income . All of this is the step-by-step success of AMAZING PANDAVERSE in planning the layout of the metaverse .

In addition , players get rewards in Panda Roulette by consuming Panda Constellation NFT and Panda Token $PNDV , which makes Panda Constellation NFT achieve the ultimate deflation effect to a great extent . When the number of Panda Constellation NFTs is small and the market has more demand for it , then its value will inevitably soar in the future .

Chaowan metaverse promoter, innovating and strengthening digital layout

The carnival ebbs, how are the unicorns in the Metaverse? Although the boom in the metaverse era is accompanied by many bubbles, the NFT technology in it has real value. As a leading project in the fashion game industry , AMAZING PANDAVERSE is committed to building a new type of infrastructure to empower the digital development of society.

At present, AMAZING PANDAVERSE not only has the industry resources of multi-habit joint cooperation with 50+ international famous brands and designers such as ASH, ANNA SUI ACTIVE, ELTA MD, etc. and creative cross-border , but also attracts Ouyang Jing, ICE, KnowKnow, Tizzy T , Melo, Psy P and many other star celebrities have endorsed them on the platform one after another .


AMAZING PANDAVERSE can be regarded as the leading brand of digital trendy games. From the former pioneer, the current practitioner, and the future promoter, AMAZING PANDAVERSE will continue to build a brand moat and give full play to its industrial ecological advantages, and become a circle-breaker in promoting the metaverse . And the leader, to promote the rapid development of the field of digital trendy play.

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