The cryptocurrency market has entered a bear market, and on-chain activities have decreased. Investors believe it is unprofitable, and some have withdrawn from the market. At the same time, another group of people are looking for another low-cost and high-yield investment method – airdrops. Airdrops are the most popular investment method in the cryptocurrency era. One of the solutions that attracts attention is that the project side is in urgent need of user participation and data, while users are looking forward to the project’s airdrop of coins to achieve a win-win situation. This has led to more and more people joining in the hair-raising process, and millions of people hope to earn wealth through airdrops.

However, although the prospect of hairdressing is full of temptations, the threshold is relatively high. Due to the lack of understanding and continuous attention to market conditions, it is difficult for novices to succeed. Lu airdrop is a brand new field, and it is extremely difficult for ordinary people to get started – not to mention various wallets, mnemonic phrases, private keys, GAS fees, smart contracts and other technical concepts, including cryptocurrency wallet downloads, gas fees, Complex operations such as cross-chain operations will cause trouble to novices. Even if users want to roughly understand the principles, it will take ten days and a half, which greatly consumes the enthusiasm of new users. Even web3 residents are faced with complicated tasks. The work of grooming is also very annoying. If they are not professional, it will be difficult for them to maximize their income. OpenLoo has seen the problem. Its core concept is to lower the threshold for participating in DAPP projects so that everyone can enjoy the opportunity to invest in crypto assets.

Traditional batch hairdressing DAPPs often require an in-depth understanding of technology, the use of complex tools and tedious steps, which is a difficult task for most people. OpenLoo makes batch hairdressing DAPPs easy to use by simplifying the process, providing an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface and user-friendly functions, and can help users manage hundreds of addresses in hundreds of DAPPs in an automated way, so even Users who are less familiar with the cryptocurrency space can easily participate.

The founders of OpenLoo said: “We believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency projects, regardless of their experience level. OpenLoo’s goal is to break down traditional barriers to participation and make it easy for anyone to participate in bulk hair-raising DAPPs and enjoy to the fun and benefits of investing in crypto assets. With the launch of OpenLoo, we hope to provide users with a simple, safe and reliable tool so that they can gain more opportunities and returns in the cryptocurrency market!”

About OpenLoo:
OpenLoo is a Web3 application that implements fully automated on-chain interaction. Products launched in the first phase include airdrop interaction for zkSync, starknet, venom and other networks.
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