There is a saying in the crypto industry that 2022 will be the leap year of DAO. DAO has come under the spotlight of the crypto world.

As people discovered the crypto world, Ventures DAO started to shine, attracting KOL’s attention. For example, Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur, has called “DAO” the ultimate combination of capitalism and progressivism. One of the oldest venture funds in the world, Sequoia, is launching a DAO. A16Z, a venture capital firm, has millions of funds allocated to DAO.

DAO is a significant innovation in crypto. Venture DAO enables retail investors to participate in the early stage of a project. Ventures DAO is a community-governed group seeking to invest the community’s combined capital. Ventures DAOs stand out from traditional investment vehicles because they are transparent with decisions making. DAO is bringing its impact to all the Web3 products.

Ceres, the Goddess of agriculture, grain crops, and fertility, symbolizes abundance in Greek mythology. Ceres DAO, named after Ceres, hopes to bring value to all investors.

Ceres DAO is a decentralized digital asset management protocol empowered by Web 3.0. Ceres DAO’s mission is to bring decentralization and transparency to asset management. Ceres DAO has a standardized Defi asset investment model to provide unmanaged and decentralized crypto asset management services, which help to mitigate the risk of Defi. Investors can enjoy the return without the exposure to volatility and the need for active management.


Ceres DAO adopted dual tokens economic model similar to weighted voting right in the traditional capital market. It has two tokens, namely, CES and CRS. CES is the voting-right token, while CRS is the non-voting-right liquidity token. Users can obtain CES through minting, while CRS is obtained by staking, secondary market, or CES-CRS conversion. Each DAO or Node has its exclusive NFT (Rich Panda’s series), NFTs, and their DAOs or nodes’ rights and benefits can be freely transferred. (note: DAOs enjoy the benefits of nodes.).

According to the Ceres DAO protocol framework, CES can be minted through VC Pool or Bond. 50% of the assets will be channelled into the Ceres DAO Treasury. Up to 1 billion CES is minted in one day. Treasury is the crucial component of the Ceres DAO protocol architecture. It consists of a pool of strategic investment assets representing the vision of Ceres DAO.

Ceres DAO Treasury adopts the “Beta” investment strategy initially. Ceres DAO will allocate its fund to the top-class crypto assets, generating revenue through the Defi lending protocol or asset appreciation.

Warren Buffett is known as one of the most successful investor in the world. Each move he makes affects the global trend of the capital market. He has created countless millionaires and expanded the capital by more than 30,000 times in half of a century. One financial scholar wrote a paper titled “Buffett’s Alpha”, to describe the brilliance of Warren Buffett’s investing ideology.

Ceres DAO is committed to discovering, investing, and incubating projects with great potential. By building a comprehensive ecosystem and combining the resources from various fields, Web3 startups can grow better.


Through the community’s growth and the crowd’s wisdom, Ceres DAO will be able to participate in startups with great potential. It generates revenues and provides high dividends as a result. As the Ceres DAO’s ecosystem grows, the number of DAOs and nodes increases and the ecosystem’s security also improves. Together, the community creates a better blueprint for Ceres DAO.

Ceres DAO is aimed to become the world’s largest decentralized digital assets management protocol and the “Berkshire Hathaway” of crypto industry.

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