When traditional games meet the metaverse, the traditional “Free to Play” has gradually evolved into the “Play to Earn” mode of the chain game world. This has also brought about tremendous changes in the entire game industry. Countless traditional game developers have set foot in the virtual world, hoping to gain first-mover advantage and absolute leadership in the new market of the Metaverse.

Just recently, Fils-Aimé, former president of Nintendo of America, said that the gaming industry is steadily incorporating elements of the metaverse into games. And established game companies like Nintendo, with their experience in building interactive and persistent worlds, will be at the forefront of the metaverse competition.


Based on the vision of being able to further integrate the concept of the Metaverse with DeFi, Giant Beast Legion and the Super Nintendo IP “Super Mario” have jointly created an NFT adventure chain game – MARIO BATTLE.

The world’s first aggregated community autonomous chain game

MARIO BATTLE integrates various decentralized encryption technologies such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, DAO, etc. It aims to allow everyone to freely schedule their own assets, build a truly decentralized ecosystem and value closed loop, and provide virtual and Reality builds connections, allowing all players to gain unlimited wealth in the process of the game.

Revolutionary encryption economic ecology

MARIO BATTLE uses DeFi financial mechanism, revolutionary token economy and DAO autonomy system to empower players with ecological governance rights, allowing players to obtain wealth rewards in the process of playing and ecological governance. In addition, MARIO BATTLE has developed a unique NFT non-fungible token asset to give each item in the game unique value attributes.

New chain play method

All players can experience the three major systems of level-breaking, training and trading with Uncle Mario in the world of MARIO BATTLE. Players pass through levels of different difficulty according to the direction of the game, collect other items in the process of passing the level to strengthen their own and Kebi’s ability, and the rich rewards obtained by passing the level will all be owned by the player.

Players can freely match their character appearance or upgrade their abilities. And all the NFT props obtained by players can be freely purchased and sold in the market, thus realizing the chain game ecology of “playing and earning”.

The evolutionary beginning of Web 3.0

MARIO BATTLE is not just an ordinary blockchain game. This ecology is not only a DAO autonomous ecology, but also a DeFi+NFT free financial ecology. All the value of MARIO BATTLE will be created by users, controlled by users, owned by users, and distributed by users, giving all players a free, fair, transparent, decentralized, high-value, low-threshold future network.

MARIO BATTLE may not be the “oasis” in [Ready Player One], but it is the first step for mankind to the metaverse world.

MARIO BATTLE brings NFT and Play To Earn models into the game world, allowing all players to experience the fusion of virtual and reality in advance. The DeFi+DAO ecology is added to the in-game loop, allowing all players to determine the development direction of the entire network in the process of “self-production and self-distribution” of value.

We believe that MARIO BATTLE will keep following the pace of the metaverse and “value freedom”, and realize a “value metaverse” that belongs to everyone in the near future.

At present, MARIO BATTLE is about to be launched globally, bringing infinite wealth opportunities and ecological innovation to players in the real world and the future metaverse!

All players are looking forward to the new game world brought by MARIO BATTLE, and all value users are looking forward to the infinite revenue market brought by MARIO BATTLE. Where will we see more value emerge? Please continue to pay attention to MARIO BATTLE’s official Twitter and telegram groups, and look forward to the arrival of the value era!

MARIO BATTLE official Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariobattle_/

MARIO BATTLE official telegram group: https://t.me/Mario_World01

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