Worldcoin is an open source protocol backed by a global community of developers, individuals, economists and technical experts. The Worldcoin Foundation supports and develops the Worldcoin community and supports it until it becomes a self-sustaining entity. Worldcoin is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2023.

What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin’s founding purpose was born from the question, “What if there was a way to distribute a new digital token to all people in the world for free?” It’s about making everyone’s participation possible.

Worldcoin is an open source protocol to enable everyone to participate in the global economy. Its design is decentralized, with the user community ultimately responsible for oversight and decision-making.

The people and organizations that support Worldcoin work together to develop tools to fulfill its mission. These tools include: -World ID: A privacy-preserving digital identity that solves many important identity challenges, such as proving a person’s unique identity.

Worldcoin Token: The first token distributed free of charge to unique individuals for practical use and future governance.

World App: A complete self-keep app to make payments, purchases and transfers with global reach using Worldcoin tokens, digital assets, stablecoins and traditional currencies.

Importantly, the unique digital identity provided by World ID plays an important role in the ever-evolving networked world of artificial intelligence, showing humanity. The Worldcoin protocol is open to all people, regardless of nationality, background or economic status, aiming to become the world’s largest public identity and financial network.

What is an Orb, and Why Worldcoin Needs It?

An Orb is an image capture device used to verify your identity, that you are a real, unique individual and that you have not previously been verified with your World ID identity. Orb is necessary because it is the only reliable and secure method of verifying uniqueness and identity of an individual, as well as a means to protect privacy.

How do orbs work?

Orb captures and processes an individual’s image and unique iris pattern to verify that the individual is true, unique, and has not previously had a World ID identity verification. Because each individual’s iris pattern is unique, Orb can accurately identify an individual without collecting information about other individuals or even requiring a name.

Find out about Orb and why Worldcoin uses biometric technology

Why Worldcoin uses iris biometric technology?

When I started Worldcoin, I had no intention of developing a biometric imaging device. Building custom hardware was difficult, expensive, and something we wanted to avoid whenever possible.

Our goal is to distribute new digital tokens free of charge to all people around the world and use them to make it easier for them to participate in the global economy. After coming to the conclusion that biometric technology was the only viable means of achieving our goals, we set out to develop Orb.

In our research, iris scanning is the most accurate biometric technology, has an acceptable user experience, and has been successfully tested at scale. This is because Iris is highly fraud-resistant and has a wealth of data that can be used to accurately identify billions of individual people. The more biometric marker (such as iris) data we have, the more unbiased and inclusive the system will be.

No iris imaging device on the market could meet our technical and security requirements, so we spent several years developing our own. This has allowed us to realize the spread of the global economy in the most comprehensive way.

A global airdrop of Worldcoin token $WLD is now underway!

How many Worldcoin tokens can I receive if I verify my uniqueness?

Everyone who validates their uniqueness on the Orb will be able to claim free Worldcoin tokens on the World App. However, the Worldcoin token must be present at the location to claim. Currently, qualified and verified users can claim 25 free Worldcoin tokens at launch. Users can always check their token balance within the app.

Orb World Tour

In addition to current Worldcoin business, the Worldcoin Community Management Team will attend web3 conferences in selected cities this spring and summer to answer questions about Worldcoin and to facilitate Orb and World ID registration. educational activities. A global multi-city tour will begin in Tokyo in April 2023, allowing people from regions such as North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia to experience Orb for the first time.

Orb sales information is as follows:

From May to July, Worldcoin Orb will have a limited time offline sale in the following cities:

– Berlin

– Dubai

– London

– Mexico City

– Miami

– New York City

– San Francisco

– Seoul

– Tokyo

If you need a secure, reliable, and convenient identification device, Orb is the perfect choice. During the traveling exhibition, visit any of the cities above to learn more about Orb and Worldcoin and purchase a reliable identification device. If you can’t make it to these cities, you can also buy directly online.

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